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Fiddling While Australia Burns

By Bruce Barbour - December 2019

I recently had an idea for a great media stunt - well I thought it was great.
The idea was to present Scott Morrison (our unbeloved PM - who should go back to Hawaii - and preferably stay there - perhaps he can be part of the refugee swap program we have with the Americans - please - we'll take in anyone else in exchange. But as I was saying, the idea is to present Scott Morrison) with a fiddle - so that he can fiddle while Australia burns. I am sure the historical/cultural reference of Nero fiddling while Rome burns is well understood.
There was also a variation on the stunt. At Scott Morrisons press conferences or on meet and greets - have someone playing a fiddle in the background within camera shot behind him if possible. With the same message to the press fiddling while Rome burns. It could be done multiple times though his minders would very quickly control his meetings to exclude the fiddler. But it would be very annoying to him and a constant reminder of his inaction on climate change if it could be pulled off. The issue with the approach is that the the timing/event would have to be chosen carefully. It could easily go astray in the press if Morrison was talking to bushfire survivors or on the scene of the bushfires. In Canberra would probably be OK. Ideally it would need a reasonably good fiddler who could fiddle in the style of Fiddler on the Roof - which is another possible reference to his Government's climate change approach being as shaky as that of a fiddler on the roof.

I thought of buying a fiddle and sending it off the Scott Morrison - but it would end up in the bin unbeknown to the people - which is a big fail in terms of media stunts. So I sent it as a suggestion to Extinction Rebellion Australia to see whether they would like to do anything with it.

So if you see Scott Morrison being presented with a fiddle or a mad fiddler playing in the background of one of his press conferences you will know where the idea came from.

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